Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream Review

Not too long ago the Body Shop launched the All-In-One BB Cream (Color Adapting Tinted Cream) as a part of the All-In-One make up collection which also contains face base, concealer and blush. 

 The packaging of the TBS BB Cream is a metallic squeeze tube with a twist off top(25ml). It comes in three shades : 01 is the lightest with pink undertones perfect for fair skin. A bit too light for me though. Shade 02 is for mid skin tones (which is the one I ended up getting) and 03 for darker skin tones. (Both 02 and 03 have settle yellow undertones). 
 This product claims to be an all in one product providing 24h hydration ,a light to medium coverage without clogging the pores, an even finish and color adapting to you skin tone.

The BB Cream itself is a white thin textured cream (more on the looser, runny side I would say) with tiny bids of pigment that burst when you apply it on your skin.

The coverage of the product is similar to what a good tinted 
moisturizer would offer, it is a bit build-able though. I'm having a good skin period at the moment so the coverage of the BB Cream is quite enough for me but you would definitely need concealing if your dealing with blemishes or breakouts. 
The color adapting technology does work to some extend, you need to use the right shade though and I'm a bit concerned that when I loose my summer tan, shade 02 would be a bit dark for me.
The hydration that the BB Cream offers is not enough for my combination to dry skin so I need to use a moisturizer underneath. But then the finish becomes a bit too dewy so it definitely needs to be set with a powder, unless you are going for a no make-up dewy look (which I like a lot!). In that case I just powder the T-zone and I'm good to go! For an oily skin I would recommend no moisturizer underneath and just a light dusting of setting powder on top. 
I've been using it every day at work for the last 10 days and I must admit that it has a very good staying power. It does become a bit shinny though after 2-3 hours. What I don't like is that it has no SPF which means that you have to concern about that too. So moisturizer and sun block and the BB Cream and a setting powder may be too much for me on a daily base. That's why I wouldn't use it during the summer when I prefer a light face. But since the weather is getting cooler now I don't mind.
What I like a lot about TBS BB Cream is that it makes my skin even and fresh looking. I have same large pores around my nose and they did look smaller after using the product. 
In conclusion I must say that I did enjoy using TBS BB Cream. Since I'm going through I phase of a no make-up looks this product was perfect for that. It left my skin looking effortlessly fresh and clean. Do try it if you are looking for a good tinted moisturizer. Do not try it of you need high coverage or you have too oily skin since the finish is quite dewy. 
Have you tried this ALL-In-One BB Cream? Do share!
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  2. i really love your review! just get the 01 shade!