Monday, September 3, 2012

My Summer Holiday Breakfast

Hello everybody!
Breakfast has always been my most important meal, it's the boost of energy that I need to stay active during the day. On my regular daily routine, the time that I eat every meal is pretty much fixed, so a bowl of cereals would give me the energy that I need until my next snack. But  that wasn't the case during holidays since I was finishing my breakfast without even knowing when I will get the chance to put any kind of food in my system again. That's the reason I needed that something extra to get me going this last month, yet I wanted to stay on the healthy side so here's what I ended up eating almost every morning.

I know what you think...anything would taste yummy with that view! But believe me, it actually tasted very good! 
Here's my recipe for my champion's holiday breakfast!
- Fat free Greek yoghurt
- 1/2 banana
- fig
- 1/2 peach
- 1/2 pear
- 6-7 tablespoons oatmeal
- 2-3 teaspoons honey
- cinnamon

What about you? What did you eat during your holidays? And do you have any good and quick recipes for breakfast?
Thank you all for stopping by!


  1. Στο δικο μου πρωινο το σταθερο ειναι ο καφες. (εξτρα δυνατος)
    Τωρα τα υπολοιπα καθοριζονται απο τις ...λιγουρες μου. Οταν ξυπνησω πολυ πεινασμενη τηγανιζω μπεικον, σκαραμπλαρω αυγα, φρυγανιζω ψωμι κ βαζω μπολικη κετσαπ στο πιατο μου!
    Ωραια η ιδεα σου για το υγιεινο πρωινο! Μαλλον θα τη δοκιμασω. :)

    Καλο μηνα!

    1. Πολύ δυνατό το πρωινό σου!
      Καλό μήνα και σε σενα!

  2. very healthy!