Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

Hello there!
I recently had the honor to receive two blog awards. To be specific I received the same award twice from two very talented bloggers, Dwra (Dwra's Beauty Tips) and Menia (Pretty little Things). Both blogs are two of my favorites and I always look forward to their new post!
Thank you so much girls for giving me this award! it really means a lot coming form successful bloggers like you!

The are two rules to accept this award. First one is to pass it on to other bloggers and second one is to reveal 7 facts about me in order for my readers to get to know me a bit better.
I am very happy to pass the award on the following bloggers.

Here are the 7 facts about me :

1. I am e person of faith.
2. I like my coffee black.
3. I love high heels but I rarely wear any.
4. I love cardmaking.
5. I love baking.
6. I used to take rock climbing lessons.
7. I am taking zumba lessons. 

That was all! 
Thank you all for stopping by!


  1. Ευχαριστω παρα παρα πολυ που με σκεφτηκες και συγχαρητηρια, το αξιζεις το βραβειο!

    Τα 2+3 με βρισκουν απολυτα συμφωνη!

    Καλη βδομαδα! :)

  2. Oh thanks so much for tagging me! : )


  3. Αχ και εγώ το ίδιο βραβείο σου έδωσα.... αν είναι διάλεξε όποιο θέλεις έχω και άλλα!

  4. congrats on the award!! Could you please consider following each other? Twitter:@shineonbyandrea

  5. awww thank you so so much for mention my blog, it means a lot to me :))!!!

    so what exactly should I pass it on to others?


  6. sugxarhthria!!!
    eyxaristw polu gia to tag!!!

  7. Thanks a lot!! Btw, I'm your 100th follower so congrats! :D

    1. Welcome to my blog Natalie!
      It's good to have you here!