Saturday, May 11, 2013

My favorite spring nail polishes!

Spring....I don't even have to write a word about it! Just the word itself is so beautiful, full of colors and perfumes! I love spring...but who doesn't! The whole nature seems to celebrate this time of the year! The sky is blue again, the sun is bright and strong and the air is fresh and warm! I hate living in a big city like Athens during Spring. You just miss all the magic. You can't see the trees turning green again or the flowers blooming or the water turning blue.

So in order to comfort ourselves from missing this miracle we invented an artificial fashion! And of course nails are a part of our everyday fashion! So we have spring on our fingertips now!



LEE HATTON - 156 Peach

e.l.f. - Mint Cream

e.l.f. - Lilac

essence - mellow yellow

Thank you all for stopping by!
Enjoy the spring!