Monday, July 2, 2012

Korres & ROC Haul

Hello beauties!
Last week I got to do some drugstore shopping since I run out of my moisturizer and I had to buy a new one before my face got drier that Sahara desert. But of course by the first step I took into the drugstore, I knew that I would be leaving with -many- more than a moisturizing cream....I'm sure you all know the feeling! The good thing is that I did get a day cream....because the last time I visited the drugstore I got a million other things but the one I went to purchase! Please tell me this has happened to other people would give me a relief!
I decided to go for natural products since I've been hearing a lot about parabens and silicone lately. So I got the KORRES Wild Rose 24-hour Brightening &Moisturizing Cream . I've been using it for the last 10 days and I must admit that I love it! It leaves my skin perfectly hydrated and smooth. This is the first KORRES moisturizer that I use and I'm quite impressed! Of course I had to take the matching eye cream (KORRES Wild Rose Eye Cream/ Brightening/  Fine Lines & Dark Circles) . I've used it only twice and it works just fine for me me but I would have to use it longer to give a full review. What I really like about it is that it has SPF15...and we all know what the sun can do to our eyes so an eye cream with SPF is always welcomed! This is my very first "fine lines" cream that I ever had and I must say that I was very very shocked when the lady at the store suggested it to me!! But ugh.....what can you do....we all grow up after all! (It's been 10 days since this purchase and I'm still in shock....!) 

So after suggesting me the eye cream and seeing the weird/ scary expression of my face the gentle saleslady tried to release my pain by telling me that the moisturizer comes with a gift.....two actually! (I must have had a very scary face!) One a KORRES Milk Soap for stressed skin and two KORRES Raspberry Antioxidant Liquid Lipstick in 56 Vibrant Red.  This is a water based liquid lipstick with a sweet flavor that makes you want to lick it off your lips! It is very pigmented and quite moisturizing but you need to use a lip pencil underneath to keep it from smudging. 

The last but definitely not least two products that I got are two sunscreens by ROC. They come from the Soleil Protection+ line with SPF30. I got the Velvet Moisture Anti-Shine Fluid SPF30 and Velvet Moisture Quenching Spray Lotion 24h Moisture SPF30. I already got to use them this weekend at the beach! The body spray has an amazing smell of a high-end product which the face sunscreen hasn't. I prefer it would be the other way around but nah....what can you do? It is quite mattifying though which is the main reason I chose it.

And that's all! You must admit I didn't go that crazy with my drugstore haul!
Thanks for stopping by everyone!


  1. xmm polu omorfa pragmata! eimai to neo sou melos!!! :D


  2. I love Korres products, so natural and they work!

    I just came across your blog, it is great!I am following you:)