Monday, June 25, 2012

Skincare routine

We all like to take care of ourselves. We dress up, do our hair, put on some make up, have our nails done...all these little things make us feel better! Some of us (me included!) won't even leave the house without a quick make over and you know what?...It's absolutely ok! It is important to feel comfortable with your looks and if a few coats of mascara (even if it's 7 am) will give you a boost of confidence then just go ahead and do it!
One of the most important things when it comes to beauty care,is our skin of course! A bright healthy skin that glows from within will help you look gorgeous on any occasion. You don't have to spend a fortune on your skincare products. You just have to find what works better for you. So, don't hesitate to ask for samples before buying a full size product. And remember, no product is a miracle maker. What works for someone else may not work for you at all and the other way around.
So,here is my current skincare routine. Some of the products I really like and some of them I'm not going to repurchase. I'm going through a good skin period now, but it wasn't always like that. I use to have serious acne problems that I found I could face on my own, so I went to see my dermatologist who suggested that I should have a treatment. I did and for the last 2 years my skin is in it's ever best condition...and I hope to stay that way!

Removing ALL of your make up before you go to bed is very important. Your skin needs to breath and the time to do that is...while you are sleeping. Try to use gentle products that want irritate your skin and please avoid all the rubbing and scrubbing, especially on your eyes. The skin around your is the most delicate and sensitive skin on your entire worths to be treated gently. To remove my eye-makeup I use cotton pads soaked with BIOTEN Skin Moisture Eye Makeup Remover. Then I use cotton sticks to remove any remaining mascara between my eyelashes.
After that, to remove the rest of my makeup I use the SANT'ANGELICA Vivissima Softening Cleansing Cream. I put it all over my face and do a gentle massage and then I remove it with a couple of cotton pads. 

When I make sure that my face is completely free of makeup I wash my face with my ELEMENTS 03 Foaming Face Cleanser. 
So now my skin is completely clean! And what does a clean skin need?  Hydration of course! For my eyes I use AVON Solutions Sensitive Botanicals Gentle Eye Cream and for the rest of my face AVON Solutions Perfect Tone Day Brightening Cream. In the morning I also use on my eyes and anti-puff roll-on from OMBIA Cosmetics
If have any spots or blemishes I replace for the night my regular moisturizing cream with the AVENE Diacneal.

I make sure that once or twice a week I exfoliate my face with my ELEMENTS 03 Cacao Peeling Cream. After that I use a face mask (either the AVON Clearskin Blemish Clearing 3 in 1 or the SANT'ANGELICA Vivissima Peel-Off Mask).

So that's how I take care of my skin and so far it works just fine! What about you? What is your everyday skincare routine like?
Here are two videos of one of my favorite YouTube Gurus.The first one is about Makeup Removal and the second about her skincare routine.
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  1. this is such a great post!!!!!!! i loved it! ;)

  2. Love following liza as well!!! I am thinking og getting AVENE Diacneal myself.. do u see results? =)

    1. Me dermatologist has recommended it to me in order to make the skin smoother after an acne therapy I had. I wouldn't say that my face got any smoother but it does help when I have a breakout.