Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The fraud of a cupcake!

Last Friday (1st of June) it was my brother's birthday. So I wanted to bake something special for him. It's like a small ritual for me. I always bake something on the birthdays of my family. So I though I will make him chocolate cupcakes (as he is a major chocolate lover!). 

The only problem....time!As always! 

I had to work until 4 pm and then go at the gym for an hour and then a quick stop at the grocery store (which wasn't that quick...it took me almost an hour to get out of there!). Long story short I found myself to have less than an hour to bake the birthday cupcakes. And that's when I decided I would cheat a little tiny bit! I grabbed a Betty Crocker cupcake mix and took it home with me. And the miracle has happened! I managed to bake beautiful, fluffy, cupcakes for my brother and get ready in less then 45 minutes! Hallelujah!

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