Saturday, December 1, 2012

Baby shower and a diaper cake!

I don't know about you but I have the feeling lately that everybody is having a baby! I know too many couples that are expecting! And most of them are expecting baby boys! Bring some boys into the world ladies! They're definitely needed!
One of those couples is my cousin and her hubby, who already have a beautiful and super smart 4 year old boy and in a few weeks they're about to have their second son. Of course we threw her a surprise baby shower! Her sister has arranged the whole thing and it was pretty amazing I must admit! The house was beautiful decorated with all kind of baby stuff (everything in blue of course!) and the buffet was simple yet elegant and delicious!

A glass of wine, some good quality cheese, toasted bread and fluffy cupcakes for dessert along with good friends and family chit chatting by the early decorated Christmas tree! Just the perfect way to celebrate a new life that's about to come into the world!The fact that it was on a Thursday afternoon made it even more special as it was a refreshing break in the stressful week. 

As I was thinking a few days ago about what present should I bring to the soon to be (for the 2nd time) mommy, the idea hit me! A homemade diaper cake! I googled a little bit to get some inspiration and I was ready to start creating! All I needed was newborn diapers (about 40 diapers), a round base (to place the cake on - I just used a regular cake base but you can use a serving platter also), rubber bands or tape to roll the diapers, decorative ribbon and baby goodies!

I started by rolling the diapers which was the most time consuming part of the whole process. I secured them in place with some tape. Then I needed something at the core of my cake in order to "build" the diapers around it. I used a roll of paper towels that I secured in place with some tape. Then I started placing the diapers around it and I secured each layer with a large rubber band. I continued building the cake until I've used up all of the diapers.

 Once I've had the cake base done it was time for the fun part : decorating the cake! The first step was to rap a ribbon around the tiers to cover up the rubber bands. Then I slid the baby goodies as well as the card between the diapers. At the top of the cake I put a baby bottle and a teddy bear. Then I adhered a few stickers on the ribbon just to make it a bit fancier! And that was it! My homemade diaper cake was done! I was so proud of it! 

So what do you think? You like it?
Thank you all for stopping by!