Sunday, November 18, 2012

Oh winter, how I've missed you!

Hello everyone!
The weather here finally starts to "smell" like winter! It's becoming harder and harder every morning to get out of bed and in the evenings I'm totally happy with just a hot tea and a good book. Oh winter,how I've missed you!
So all I wanted to do on Friday night was to stay home, put my thickest sweater and my fluffiest socks on and do something relaxing and fun! Baking was the perfect idea! And what is more fun than baking on a cozy Friday evening? Well, baking on a cozy Friday evening with your best friend of course!
As we both are big chocolate lovers the decision wasn't hard...giant chocolate cookies! (it makes my mouth water just by typing it on the keyboard!) 

I chose a recipe from one of my favorite you-tubers Laura Vitale.  I love every single one of her recipes! We tried this recipe out which is quick and simple but since I had no white chocolate chips we replaced them with simple chocolate chips.Needless to say that the cookies where simply delicious (I'm eating one right now!)
  That's how I spent my Friday evening and that's pretty much how my whole Saturday went on too. The only difference being that crafting for school and cardmaking replaced baking. But I kept the thick sweater and the fluffy shocks! Once again....oh winter, how I've missed you!

 What did you do this weekend? Did spent your time home like me or did you go out?
Thank you all for stopping by!


  1. Yiammieee..Wanna taste theeem >_<
    τι μας κάνεις μεσημεριάτικο?

  2. Awww.. I'd like to have cookie now :(

  3. The sweetest post ever!! :-)
    Πραγματικα φαινονται τοοοσο λαχταριστα!!