Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our Nutcracker!

This week was an absolute madness, with a lot of stress and work but also full of interesting challenges. Yesterday was the Christmas play of the kindergarten that I work and luckily everything went fabulously! After almost 2 months of rehearsals and construction of the scenes, poems, scripts and music we were finally ready to perform our play! And by we I mean the children! This year we put on the Nutcracker into a more childish, carefree and funny version of course! My little pupils did all very well, like proper actors! 

Friday was the hardest day of all, because after work we went straight to the theater to set up the scenery and the decorations. After 12 hours of non-stop work my body touched it's limits and suddenly I was with a fever and I knew that it was time to stop. Imagine my stress being with a fever the day before the play. Fortunately I took some febrifuge and I made it!

So although I had a lot of stress it all ended up well and the play was amazing! My students and their parents really enjoyed it! On Monday the children kept asking me "Are we going to repeat the play miss Eleonor?" In my opinion that's the true success...that the children loved the whole process so much that they wanted to do it all over again! 

But now it's time to take it slow a little bit and enjoy the season in our class! Just sing Christmas songs, read Christmas books and make Christmas crafts with tons of glitter! 

Thank you all for stopping by!

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