Friday, February 1, 2013

January Favorites!

Hey everyone! 
Today I'm going to show you my January favorites! So let's get started!
The first one is an old eyeshadow palette from H&M that I rediscovered recently somewhere in my make-up storage! I own two H&M eyeshadow palettes and this one is very very good pigmented! On the other hand my second one is not that good. So I was very happy to find this and star using it again. It has 8 colors and I use most of them (especially the greys, the beige and the burgundy one) for my everyday makeup.It is from a Minnie Mouse collection and I got it 2 years ago from an H&M in Bern so I'm pretty sure that it's no longer available.

This is the concealer that I've been using for the last few weeks. My best friend kept raving about it so I thought I'd give it a try...and I'm happy I did since it's the best concealer I've used so far. (Radiant Illuminator - 02 neutral). Thanks for recommending it Phoebs!

Now this one is not exactly a January favorite since I've been using it for the last one and a half year. It's just a simple everyday make-up with medium coverage and a natural finish. It works great for me and it is quite cheap so this is my second tube already and I will keep using it as long as I stay satisfied. (Essence Soft & Natural Make-up - 02 sand beige).

This is the mascara I've been using every day for the last month(s). It's the Avon Super Shock Max Mascara and it really gives a lot of volume to my lashes with only one coat. It has a serious withdraw dries out very fast so I don't think I will repurchase it. 

This Essence Stay All Day Long lasting Eyeshadow in Coppy Right I use it almost everyday as an eyeshadow base. It helps my brown and neutral eyeshadows look more intense and last longer. I like it but it tends to dry out on me which really gets on my nerves because I only have it for 5-6 months. I would repurchase it anyway! 

This is another item that I recently rediscovered in my make-up collection. It's a lip and cheek balm from ColorTrend  in Icy petal. I wanted to finish it up before it goes bad so I used it almost every day this month and I enjoyed it very much because it has a nice delicate shimmery finish. It's almost like a 2 in 1 blush and highlighter. Unfortunately it's discontinued.

This is a lip pencil that has the exact shade of my lips so I like to use it in order to cheat a little bit and make my lips look bigger without anyone noticing that I'm even wearing a lip liner. So I used it a lot for my everyday make-up at work...when I had that time for such a thing in the morning of course! (Seventeen Long Lasting Lip Shaper - 21)

Last but not least is this leave-in hair oil. I use it after washing my hair and it helps keeping them well conditioned. I have to use the tiniest amount though otherwise it makes my hair heavy. (Avon Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil)

So that was is it! These were the products that I mostly used in January! How about you? What were your favorites for these month? Please comment bellow! 
Thank you all for stopping by!

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