Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Repeat Button

Hello there!
Still on holiday! But as I was laying at the beach, smelling coconut oil and drinking an ice-cold coffee, I came up with an idea of a new post series. (I'm sure that some other blogger out there has already though the same idea but just let me believe that I'm the first one to do it!)

So let me tell you what this will be about. As you can see the post is called "The Repeat Button" and it will be about a song the I'm currently obsessed with. The repeat button has always been my favorite button on my CD players. When I like a song I tend to hear it over and over again until I literally get sick of it! Am I the only one to do that? I feel like the repeat buttons are specially made for me!
The song that I keep hearing lately is the "You'll be mine" by The Pierces. What do you think about this song?


Tell me about your current music obsessions! What are you listening lately? Any summer hits?
Thank you all for stopping!


  1. Hi there! Found your blog through myStickland and I'm very happy I did!
    My finger loves the repeat button, too! What can I say? :)
    I was obsessed with You'll Be Mine in March, but I still enjoy it every time it comes up! :)
    I'm joining your blog now!
    Happy Sunday!

    1. Hello! I'm happy to have you around! Thanks for commenting!